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A dynamic company came into existence in the year 2012 with a vision of gracefully accepting the gifts from Mother Nature and saving our beautiful planet called EARTH. It has been inspired by our forefathers to utilize produce from the soil and which does not create wastage to the environment in any form. Over the years we have grown and have loyal customers been added to our list due to our excellent customer service and the best wholesale comparable price available. We have range of Jute items which have multipurpose uses to enhance the beauty of your home and garden, use in your daily life, for farming and industrial usage.

About Our Raw materials

What is JUTE?

Jute is grown naturally in abundance in warm and humid climate. It is mainly found in West Bengal in India and in Bangladesh. The natural plant fibre is treated naturally under warm hot & humid conditions to convert them into Jute Fibres. Out of this Jute Fibres we get Jute Twine. This Jute Twine can further be processed into different Twine strengths, Jute Sack, Jute Netting and Jute Bags

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