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Terms and Conditions

Green Heritage Ltd or GHL are used synonymously throughout the website.

    • Visiting our website and purchasing through our website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our website.
    • Regular updates to the website is carried out so request you to kindly read through our Terms & conditions and Privacy Policy and also any indicators spread across our website before making online purchase. It is your duty to read the conditions and product details carefully before making purchase as GHL cannot be held liable for your understanding and decisions.
    • Our products are natural Biodegradable by nature. By visiting and making purchase through our website you agree that you are responsible adult who can make informed decisions.
    • Our products are used widely in handicraft, garden, farming, domestic and commercial industries. It is your responsibility that children, vulnerable persons and people with additional needs are under due supervision while handling and using our products. In any unforeseeable misfortunate remote or otherwise incidents GHL will not be held liable for its usage.
    • GHL will not be held liable under any circumstances for people’s wrong intentions and actions’ involving criminality and illegal activities as it is beyond the parameters for GHL to get a DBS check or make customer enquiries before the purchase made by the clients.
    • All deliveries are carefully packed and dispatched. In the event of any damaged goods please take a picture and inform us within 24 hours so that we can resolve it promptly.
    • All due care and precautions have been considered while developing this GHL website. GHL will be not be held responsible for any accuracy and information contained in the website or any claim arising from it. Customers are advised to research on the products themselves and make informed researched decisions while purchasing from the website. The products listed on the GHL website are natural bio degradable products. So the customers are advised repeatedly to make sure about their needs of the product before making purchase. Pictures are only for the illustration purpose and hence GHL is not liable for the products you buy.
    • You may be taken for information or content to the third party website on which we do not have any control. By visiting the third party websites for information and contents you will be bound by the Terms and Conditions and Private policy listed by them and GHL will not be liable for third party websites. So please read their Terms and conditions and Private Policy statement for your knowledge and information.
    • While developing the GHL website we have tried our best to take precautions of all aspects. But it might happen there might be some typographical errors, or we might have missed something or something might be missed or omitted in error. GHL will not be liable for any such errors.
    • All payments are accepted only in UK Sterling pounds GBP.
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